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Signo (TB)

Signo (TB)

Male, Red Bay,
Born 07/19/1998
RP 0 | SBA 7749

      • FILE
      • DR. FAGER
      • HALO
      • NOTHER SEA



  • ELOVERO SEVILLANA and ELOVERO PIMIENTA: ridden in Opens by Lucas Monteverde.
  • DOLFINA LAMPARITA: ridden by A. Cambiaso (s).
  • CHALO ODALISCA, CHALO COSENTINA 2, TANZANIA and BAY TUCH: all of them ridden by Bartolomé Castagnola.
  • ELOVERO PECA and ELOVERO URNA: they play in the USA for team La Lechuza.

Paternal Line LUHUK


Excellent Thoroughbred stallion. In the course of his career, he beat winners of classics: OWINGTON, DOUBLE TRIGGER and BENEFICIAL, among other. Grand Champion at the 1998 Rural Exhibition. Winner of the Arlington International S., ROA Fundación S.

Sire of more than 50 winners of classics in Argentina, the USA and the UAE. Sire of polo stallions.


  • TOP LIFE: 3 wins in San Isidro and La Plata. 4th in Especial Gouache. 5th in Especial Filis.
  • RAMSAY: 9 wins in Palermo, San Isidro and Rosario,including Clásico Apertura, Clásico 25 de Mayo, Clásico Monumento a la Bandera, Clásico Ciudad de Rosario and Clásico Gobernador de la Provincia deSanta Fe Ing. Obeid. 2nd in Clásico Gobernación de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires -L-.
  • BERRY CREEK: 7 wins in Palermo and San Isidro including Clásico La Mission -G2-, Clásico E. J. Balsa -G3-, Clásico Inés Victorica Roca -G3- and Clásico U. de Iriondo -L-. 2nd in Clásico La Mission -G2-, Clásico Los Haras -G2-, Clásico Porteño -G3- and Clásico The Japan Racing Association -L-. 3rd in G. Premio Estrellas Distaff -G1- and Clásico Abril -G2-.
  • THE BERRY:  7 wins in Palermo and San Isidro, including Handicap Sind, Handicap Full Sail, Handicap Condal and Handicap Domino. 2nd in Clásico Casa del Teatro -L- and Handicap Parlanchin.
  • SPICEBERRY: 2 wins in La Plata.
  • NUMBER ONE: 2 wins in Palermo and La Plata.
  • SUPER DANDY: 3 wins in Palermo and San Isidro, including Especial Fogón. 2nd in Especial Día de la Armada.
  • TITAN: 2 wins in Palermo.
  • THASIAN: winner in San Isidro. At reproduction.
  • TASSY: winner in Palermo and dam of: Tag Team, 3 wins  in San Isidro andTanghetto, 2 wins in La Plata.
  • GUERNIKA: Champion Older Mare; G. P. Estrellas Distaff -G1-, G. P. Polla de Potrancas -G1-, G. P. 1000 Guineas -G1-, G. P. Palermo -G1-, Clásico Inés Victorica Roca -G3-. 2nd in G. P. Copa de Plata -G1-, G. P. E. Acebal -G1-. 3rd in Gran Premio Selección -G1-.
  • AVANZADO: Ancient Title Handicap -G1- USA, Palos Verdes Handicap -G2- USA, Forest Hills Handicap -G2- USA, Clásico Irlanda -G3-.
  • EL GARUFA: G. P. Estrellas Mile -G1-, G.P. Palermo -G1- (twice), G. P de las Américas -G1- (twice), Clásico B. Villanueva -G2-, Clásico Buenos Aires -G3-, Clásico P. Chapar -G3-, Clásico República Federativa De Brasil -G3-, Clásico Reconquista.KNOCK: G. P. Maipú -G1-, G. P. Suipacha -G1-, Clásico Cyllene -G2- (twice), Clásico General Belgrano -G2-, Clásico Asociación Bonaerense de Propietarios de Caballos de Carrera -G3-, Clásico Irlanda -G3-, Clásico Austria -L-, Clásico Necochea -L-.
  • CALIDOSCOPIO: G. P. República Argentina -G1-, Clásico General Pueyrredón -G2-, Clásico Chacabuco -G2-, Clásico Ayacucho -G3- (twice), Clásico Vicente L. Casares -G3-, Clásico V. Dupuy -L-. 2nd in Clásico Comparación -G2-, Clásico General Belgrano. 3rd in Gran Premio Estrellas Classic -G1-.
  • ZANZÍBAR: unbeaten winner of 3 races as a 2-year-old, including G. P. S. Luro -G1-, Clásico G. Kemmis-G2-. In USA, 2nd in Ancient Title Breeders’ Cup Handicap -G1-.
  • ROSA MISS: unbeaten winner of 2 races as a 2-year-old, including  G. P. S. Unzué -G1-.
  • CUMBRECITA: G. P. Ignacio e I. F. Correas -G1-, Clásico Biaus -G2-, Clásico F. de Alvear -G2-.
  • BERRY CREEK: Clásico La Mission -G2-, Clásico E. J. Balsa -G3-, Clásico Inés Victorica Roca -G3-, Clásico Urbano de Iriondo -L-. 2nd in Clásico Porteño -G3-. 3rd in Gran Premio Estrellas Distaff -G1-.
  • PRETTY CUTE: 12 wins, including  Clásico Ciudad de La Plata -G2-, Clásico U. de Iriondo -L-, Clásico M. Posse -L-. 3rd in Gran Premio R y R. E. Chevalier -G1-.
  • MACADAMIA: Clásico República Oriental del Uruguay -G2-, Clásico M. Güiraldes -G3-. 3rd in Gran Premio E. Acebal -G1-, G. P. Polla de Potrancas -G1-.
  • BLONDINE: 2 wins, including  Clásico L. M. Campos -G2-. 2nd in Clásico Las Heras -G2-.
  • VOLTERROMO: Clásico Coronel Pringles -G2-, Clásico B. Lynch -G3-. 2nd in Clásico Nigromante -L-. 3rd in Gran Premio Estrellas Sprint -G1-.
  • SHE GLOWS: 4 wins, including  Clásico Ignacio e Ignacio F. Correas -G2-. 2nd in Clásico R. Biaus -G2-, Clásico Chile -G3-. 3rd in G. P. Estrellas Distaff -G1-.
  • AUGURI: 4 wins, including  Clásico Comparación -G2-. 2 wins in the USA, including  John Call’s Stakes -L-USA.
  • SARASOTA: Clásico R. Aristegui -G2-, Clásico F. Damiani -G3-, Clásico Rep. de Venezuela -G2-, Clásico A. Mercader.
  • GREAT CHAMPION: 5 wins, including  Clásico Clausura -G2-, Clásico Org. Sudamericana de Fomento del SPC -G3-, Clásico Rumbo al Latinoamericano. 2nd in Gran Premio Provincia de Buenos Aires -G1-.
  • OYSTERCATCHER: 8 wins, including  Clásico Coronel Pringles -G3-, Clásico Irlanda -G3-. 2nd in G. P. Alzaga Unzué -G1-, G. P. Maipú -G1-.
  • SPRANG: Clásico Asociación Bonaerense de Propietarios de Caballos de Carrera -G3-, Clásico Jockey Club Argentino -L-, Clásico Lamadrid -L-, Clásico Casa del Teatro -L-. 2nd in Clásico Ciudad de La Plata -G2-.
  • NAMELY: Clásico Gral. San Martín -G3-, Clásico M. F. Gnecco -G3-.
  • SWEETLY: 14 wins, Clásico L. M. Doyhenard -G3-, Clásico B. Lynch -G3-, Clásico Anasagasti -L-. 2nd in Gran Premio Ciudad de la Plata -G1-.
  • BLOND MODE: Clásico M. y E. Gnecco -G3-, Clásico Jockey Club de Rosario -L-. 2nd in Clásico M. Levalle -G2-.
  • WIN THE STARS: Clásico F. Damiani -G3-, Clásico Rep. de Venezuela -G3-.
  • ELNESS: 4 wins, including  Clásico General Lavalle -G3-.
  • EL GUAPITO: 4 wins in Palermo including  Clásico Hipódromo Argentino -G3-.
  • BELMOPAN: 3 wins, including  Clásico H. Bustillo -G3-.
  • PANACEA: 3 wins, including  Clásico General Viamonte -G3-.
  • BÁRBARO: 2 wins, including  Clásico Velocidad -G3-.


Thoroughbred. Winner of the Champagne S. [G1], Futurity Criadores [G2], Futurity S. [G1], Sanford S. [G2], Travers S. [G1], Haskell Invitational H. [G1], NYRA Mile H., Fountain Of Youth S. [G2] and Lafayette S. 2nd in Woodward H. [G1], Florida Derby [G1], Kentucky Derby [G1], Lexington S. [G2] and Hutcheson S. [G3]. 4th in Copa Breeders’ Classic [G1].


Dam of: 

  • Majuscule: Prix de la Jonchere -G3-, Gran Premio U.N.I.R.E -G3-.
  • Royal Cielo: Tidal Hcap. -G3-, Artful St. -L-. 2nd in Arlington Oaks -G2-.

Stallions sons of LUHUK at Los Pingos del Taita:

Padrillo: Theol (TB)
Theol (TB)

Maternal Line SWEET HALO II


Five wins in the USA and U$S 344,875 in earnings. He was 2nd in the Super Derby Invitational –G1-, SWAPS STAKES –G1-, SILVER SCREENHANDICAP –G2- and in EL CAJON STAKES –L-, and 3rd in the KENSINGTON HANDICAP –L-. He was leading sire on ten occassions. He was Leading Sire of 2-Year-Olds on 6 occasions (in 1994, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2001 and 2006) and the Broodmare Sire Rankings, five times.

He sired 160 winners of Classics: 57 G1; 27 G2; 33 G3 and 43 Listed. His progeny have won 361 classics: 93 G1; 75 G2; 101 BG3 and 92 L.

Sire of 32 stallions registered in the AACCP: OPTIMUM, PERUGINO, MODERN LOVE, FLAUBERT and SERAPIO, among others.

Sire of:

  • PERUGINO: excellent stallion. In season 2014, 20 of his daughters played in all Opens. Sire of: Surra, ridden in all Opens by Horacio S. Heguy and by Bautista Heguy in the 2010 Open; Chapa Bárbaro, ridden in all Opens by Horacio S. Heguy and by Bautista Heguy in the 2010 Open; Chapa Patita, ridden in all Opens by Horacio S. Heguy; Chapa Yamila, all Opens with Horacio S. Heguy; Diablo, exported to the USA, to PONY EXPRESS; Chapa Paola, Reserve Grand Champion at the 2004 and 2005 Argentine Rural Society Exhibition; Chapa Tricota, Chapa Guada, Chapa 3/4, Chapa Chicana, Chapa Mónaco, Chapa Minga and Chapa Viola, among others, ridden in the 2010 Open by Bautista Heguy; Chapa Yamila, ridden in the 2010 Open by Horacio Heguy; Chapa Moulin Rouge, Chapa Aprendiz, and Abrojito Vedette, ridden in the 2010 Open by Juan Martín Nero; Anay Sur Dulce, ridden in Opens by J. M. Nero, "Mejor Producto Polo Argentino de la Final" at the 2013 Hurlingham Club Open, "Mejor Producto Polo Argentino de la Final" at the 2011 Argentine Open Championship, "Mejor Producto Polo Argentino de la Final" at Copa Manuel Belgrano Open (C. Suárez), 2008 Copa Manuel Belgrano Open (C. Suárez); Anay Sur Salada, ridden in the 2008 and 2009 Opens by J. M. Nero; Abrojito Abrojito, ridden in 2010 Opens by Pablo Mac Donough; As Dulce, As Salada, As Tapón, Clarito, ridden in 2010 Opens by Tomás García del Río; Chapa Ruleta Rusa, Opens with Hilario Ulloa.
  • OPTIMUM: nine of his products played in the 2011 Triple Crown for Ellerstina: Farándula, Pandora, Divertida, Spuky, Guillermina, Nona, Chalina, Tarántula and Medalla. Dolfina Niña Bonita, ridden by A. Cambiaso, among others.
  • MODERN LOVE, sire of: - Sospechosa: Adolfo Cambiaso’s outstanding polo mare. She played in the Argentine high handicap season in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 and 2006, including the Palermo Argentine Open Championship finals. In 2001, when she was 3 years old, she was chosen Best Playing Pony at the Polo Masters. - Open Sospechosa: ridden in all Opens by Gonzalo Pieres (s) and Pablo Mac Donough. - Burbuja: Junior Open with Facundo Pieres in England. - Colina: Nacho Figueras in the USA. - Meteoro: stallion bought by Zavaleta at Ellerstina’s 2006 auction. - Sospechoso: Ellerstina’s stallion. - Bengalito: stallion bought by Bautista Heguy and J. Chediack. - Dolfina Ritmo: A. Cambiaso’s stallion.
  • SERAPIO: 6 wins, including the "Clásico Asociación Argentina de Fomento Equino". Sire of: Abrojito Fruta, who played in the Cámara de Diputados Cup in 2006 and 2007 with Alejandro Agote; and Irenita Farsa, who played in the 2010 Tortugas Country Club Open with Pablo Mac Donough and won the "Mejor Producto Polo Argentino" prize.
  • LINKS: his first progeny are 4 years old. More than twelve of his progeny have been bought to Santiago Chavanne, Horacio S. Heguy, Merlos, T. Goti, A. Zubiaurre, etc.
  • RUBIA CINDY: 5 wins in Palermo. 3rd at Joaquin V. Maqueda (G3).
  • EVER HALO: 5 wins in Palermo and San Isidro.
  • SIBERIAN HUNTER: 4 wins in Palermo and San Isidro.
  • SOUTH VAGABUNDA: Best 2-year-old Female. 6 wins, including the G. P. Saturnino J. Unzue –G1-, G. P. J de Atucha -G1-, Clásico Coronel Pringles –G2-, Clásico República de Panama–G3-, etc.
  • ALMONDY: 2 wins in San Isidro.
  • NUTLET: winner in Palermo. Currently destined to reproduction.
  • NUT TREE: 4 wins in San Isidro, 2nd in Clásico Velocidad -G3-, 3rd in Handicap 55º Aniversario de La Asociación Gremial del Personal de Hipódromos.
  • PARTY SPIRIT: 3 wins in Palermo and La Plata, including the Clásico W. Latham -L- and the Especial El Ducado.
  • SOUTH MARCH: 6 wins, including the Clásico Polla de Potrillos –G2-.
  • SOUTH REMERA: 2 wins, Clásico C. Casares –G2- and Clásico Ocurrencia –G3-.
  • SOUTH NECKING: 2 wins in Palermo, Clásico Gral. Lavalle –G3- and Especial Dr. Ciro. 2nd in G. P. Estrellas Juniors Sprint –G1-.
  • SOUTH FLOWER: 8 wins, including Clásico Centurión –L-.
  • SOUTHERN LAWYER: 5 wins in Palermo,  including Clásico Sprinters , Clásico B. Lynch –G3-, Especial Ali Bey and Especial Santiago Lawrie. 2nd in G. P. Raul Chevallier –G1-, Clásico Gay Hermit –G3- and Clásico Cyllene –G2-, 3rd in G.P. Santiago Luro –G1-, G. P. Montevideo –G1-, G. P. Alzaga Unzué –G1-.
  • SOUTH PUDOROSA: 3 wins in Palermo, Clásico República de Chile –L-, Especial Perugia Wells, 2nd in Especial Paranoide.
  • SOUTH HANDYMAN: 3 wins in Palermo and La Plata; winner of the G. P. Invitational Stakes (PER-1).
  • SOUTH VERSERA: 1 win in Palermo. Especial Lutine, 3rd in Clásico J. P. Artigas-G1-, 3rd in Clásico Manuel Guiraldes –G3-.
  • SOUTH KISSING: 8 wins in Palermo, including  Handicap Tirreno, Handicap Mont Petit Chevel, Handicap C. Gardel and Handicap El Baron. 2nd in Clásico Japón.
  • SOUTH WORD: 5 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH ATENEA: 5 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH BEST: 4 wins in San Isidro.
  • SOUTH DURAMEN: 4 wins in Palermo and San Isidro.
  • SOUTH LAWYER: winner of 4 races.
  • BLACK: winner of 3 races in Palermo.
  • SOUTH VALIDO: 3 wins in La Plata.
  • SOUTH MARINO: 3 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH SANDY: 3 wins in San Isidro and Palermo.
  • SOUTH DOROTEA: 3 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH VAGANCIA: 2 wins.
  • SOUTH PUDDING: 3 wins in Palermo, including Especial Lady Ling. 4Th in G.P. de Honor -G1-.
  • SOUTH FRANTIC: 3 wins in San Isidro and La Plata, including Especial Huxley.
  • SOUTH ROYAL: 2 wins, including Especial Copa Precoces Clasificatoria and Final.
  • SOUTH ATENEO: 2 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH SACRED: 2 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH GREAT: 2 wins in San Isidro and La Plata.
  • SOUTH HURAÑO: 2 wins in Palermo.
  • SOUTH QUEEN: 1 win in Palermo, Especial Old Star, 3rd in Especial Tierno.
  • SOUTH ORIENT: 1 win in San Isidro.
  • SOUTH BESA: 1 win in Palermo.
  • SOUTH VACANCY: 1 win in Palermo.
  • SOUTH SEXY: 1 win in Palermo.
  • SOUTH MARSHY: 1 win in San Isidro.
  • SOUTH SECRECY: 1 win in La Plata.
  • SOUTH REFINED: 1 win in San Isidro.
  • SOUTH REFORMADOR: 1 win in La Plata.