Los Pingos del Taita
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Searching for the best way to show how wide the spectrum our services cover is, we decided to join forces with the mythic Argentine "domadores" and, from that moment on, we've held an annual auction.

We work together all throughout the year, we meet those who know the most about horses, we bring the most avid and knowledgeable audience, the media, celebrities, equine glamour and, of course, the best mares.

All generations carry the genetics of champions, being that their ancestors were trained to compete at the highest levels. This could be no other way: champions from birth with the training and care that queens deserve.

For an enhanced experience, we've launched a brand-new website dedicated to the auction, where you can conveniently access all the relevant information in one place. We cordially invite you to explore our website and discover everything you need to know about this prestigious event.


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