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Dragón (ET)

Dragón (ET)

Male, Bay,

    • PUCARÁ
      • SÉQUITO
      • RUBIA
      • CICATRIZ
    • SUN GULL
      • STORM BIRD
      • SUN LOVER
    • LA LUNA
      • TOP SECRET


Stallion that has been recently incorporated to Los Pingos del Taita. Property of Jaime García Huidobro.



Grand Champion at the 1998 Argentine Rural Society Exhibition, when he was 2.5 years old. One of Ellerstina’s best stallions. He has eight siblings and 49 products that have played in the Triple Crown. Eleven of his daughters made their debut at the 2013 Triple Crown. He is Ellerstina Felicidad, Ellerstina Simpatía and Ellerstina Sonrisa’s brother. Five of Pícaro’s progeny played in the 2009 Tortugas Open semifinals for 4 different teams. His sons Ellerstina PomeloEllerstina Caperucita and Ellerstina Anselmo have won the US “Horse of the Year” prize in the last five years.

Sire of horses ridden in Opens:

  • OPEN GALÁCTICA, Best Playing Pony at the ’13 and ’14 Queen’s Cup with F. Pieres; 
  • OPEN CLOSE UP, Best Playing Pony at ’13 Queen’s Cup final; 
  • ELLERSTINA CAPELINA, Opens in ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13 with G. Pieres (s); 
  • ELLERSTINA POMELO, Opens in ’05, ’06, ’07, and ’08 with G. Pieres (s), then exported to the US, where he won the 2009 US Open with Gonzalo Pieres (s), and the Best Horse U.S. Open 2011 prize; 
  • FINA PEPA, played in the Triple Crown ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13, even 2 chukkers in the 2007 and 2008 Palermo Open finals, ridden by Gonzalo Pieres (s); 
  • O. PIMIENTA, Triple Crown in ’09, ’10 and ’11 with Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres, then exported to the UK, where she was ridden in the ’12 and ’13 English Triple Crown by Gonzalo and Facundo Pieres; 
  • E. RANCHERA, ridden in the Triple Crown ’06, ’07, ’08 and ’09 by G. Pieres (s) and by P. M. Donough in ’10 and ’11 -2 chukkers in the 2008 Open final; 
  • G. ILUSTRADA, ’08, ’09 and ’10 Opens with F. Pieres, Best Playing Pony 80 goals 2009 Hurlingham Open, one of F. Pieres’ finest mares in 2013 European Season; 
  • G. CASINO, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13 Opens with F. and G. Pieres, 2014 Tortugas Open with G. Pieres; 
  • L. NAIPE, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11 and ’12 Opens with H. Ulloa; 
  • GRAPPA SHEILA, ’08, ’09 and ’10 Opens with F. Pieres and G. Pieres (s); 
  • E. ANSELMO, ’04, ’05, ’06, ’09 and ’10 Opens with S. Merlos, Horse of the Year honors in the USA; 
  • O. LECHUZA X, ’08, ’09 and ’10 Opens with N. Pieres; 
  • O. ENTROMETIDA, ’10 Opens with F. Pieres, owned by Carlos Narvaez, sold at 2005 Ellerstina’s auction; 
  • KATRINA, ridden in the 2012 Tortugas Open and in the 2013 Triple Crown by G. Pieres; 
  • O. YANINA and F. SEDNA, they were ridden in the 2010 Tortugas Open by G. and F. Pieres (s); 
  • O. MENTIROSA, ridden in the 2010 Tortugas Open and in the 2013 Triple Crown by G. and F. Pieres (s);
  • GRAPPA ANTORCHA, ’08 Opens with G. Pieres (s), US Open in ’09 and ’10; 
  • KATRINA , ridden in the 2012 Tortugas Open and 2013 Triple Crown by G. Pieres; 
  • F. NEVADO (02 x NEVADA), ’08 and ’09 Opens with F. Pieres, sold to G. Avendaño; 
  • O. TACHER, ’09 Opens with F. Pieres, UK ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13  with F. Pieres; 
  • OPEN CHUSMITA, ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by F. Sola; 
  • OPEN AMERICANA, ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by F. Pieres; 
  • OPEN VOINA AMERICANA, ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by F. Pieres; 
  • OPEN SO EASY, OPEN ANABELA and OPEN CHULA, they were ridden in the 2013 Hurlingham Open and in the 2014 Tortugas Open by G. Pieres; 
  • OPEN NEGRO EL 22, he played in the 2014 Triple Crown and was Grand Champion at the Palermo Rural Exhibition Autumn 2012
  • LAVINIA ADIVINA and LAVINIA ENCANTADA, ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by H. Ulloa; 
  • COHIBA FELINA, ridden in the 2013 Tortugas Open by Pablo Mac Donough, and in the 2014 Tortugas Open by N. Pieres
  • OPEN BACARÁ and O. NEBULOSA, ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by N. Pieres; 
  • O. FICHA, ridden in the 2010 Tortugas Openby G. and F. Pieres (s), in the 2014 Triple Crown by Ignacio Heguy and awarded the "Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto Polo Argentino" honors at the 2014 Palermo Open.

Other noteworthy progeny:

  • ELLERSTINA CAPERUSITA: Best Playing Pony Palm Beach ’09 with G. Pieres (s); she won the "Horse of the Year" award in the USA.
  • D. MÉPICA: British Gold Cup with A. Cambiaso.
  • E. ESCARAPELA: Best Playing Pony USA 05 with G. Pieres (s). Deceased.
  • E. CHISMOSO: Ellerstina’s stallion.
  • O. VALIOSA:  2009 Opens with G.Pieres (s). Sold to La Lechuza.
  • G. EJECUTIVA: Sold to La Lechuza. Currently playing in the USA.
  • LM SABELA: Best Playing Pony of 2009 Copa de las Naciones.
  • G. GRAN H: 2008 Cámara de Diputados Cup with N. Pieres. British Gold Cup in 2009 and 2010.
  • G. NEVADO: ’08 Opens with T. Willington.
  • FUGITIVA: 2008 Qualifying Tournament with N. Pieres.
  • O. NIKITA: 2006 Jockey Club Open with G. Pieres (s). 2009 US Open.
  • O. DIOSA: Best Playing Pony of 2009 Copa República Argentina with T. Willington. Exported to the UK.
  • O. GUITARRERO: Sotogrande ’09 with N. Pieres.
  • O. CUARZO: M. Ganzi’s stallion.
  • O. PASAMONTAÑAS: First Place and DIvision Winner at 2009 Palermo Rural Exhibition.
  • G. ANTORCHA: ’08 Opens with G. Pieres (s). US Open in ’09 and ’10.
  • O. CIBERNÉTICA:  Best Playing Pony at the 2011 Tortugas Open with G. Pieres.
  • O. CHALITA:  ’11, ’12 and ’13 Opens with M. Novillo. She was ridden in the 2014 Triple Crown by Miguel Novillo Astrada. "Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto" at the 2014 Palermo Open.

As stallions, the following stand out:

  • FINO NEVADO, DRAGÓN, LAVINIA NAIPE, GURI TARZÁN and FINO BENCENO, all of them currently in service at Los Pingos del Taita.
  • BANER CHIQUILÍN, ridden in the 2013 Hurlingham Open by F. Sola; 


Sire of excellent horses that play for Cría Tanoira. He has the highest percentage of progeny playing in the Argentine Open Championship, and more than 70 sons and grandsons playing in the Palermo Open Championship.

Sire of

  • PASTORA: player of all the most esteemed Opens.
  • YAPA: player of all the most esteemed Opens (G. Pieres and M. Aguerre).
  • LLANURA: all Opens (M. Aguerre, A. Cambiaso and G. Pieres).
  • OPEN XELENE: ridden in Opens by G. Pieres (s).
  • M. JAZZ:ridden in Opens (M. Aguerre).
  • SIBERIA: Palermo Open (C. Gracida).
  • RUSITA: Palermo Open (G. Pieres).
  • TACUARA: Palermo Open (R. Sola).
  • PAISANA: Cámara de Diputados Cup and Indios Tortugas Open Championship (M. Aguerre).
  • GUADAÑA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (C. Laprida - exported to the USA).
  • FALOPA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (J. Tanoira).
  • CARMELA: British Gold Cup.
  • GUERRILLERA: ridden by I. Heguy (Tortugas Open).
  • PEBETA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (exported to the USA).
  • POLÍTICA: exported to Brunei.
  • GAUCHA: sold to I. Heguy.
  • RAISA: Palermo Open (J. Tanoira).
  • CARDO: Indios Tortugas Open (F. Bensadón).
  • PRIMAVERA (ARAÑA): Palermo Open (B. Castagnola).
  • MAMADERA: S. Merlos (imported from the USA in 2004).
  • FLAUTA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (J. Hall).
  • TIGRA: Palermo Open (J. Tanoira).
  • MEDALLA: US Open (M. Aguerre).
  • MARCELO: US Open (F. Bensadón).
  • MELÓN: Cámara de Diputados Cup (G. Von Wernich).
  • TINTO: Palermo Open (M. Garrahan).
  • RABANITO: Cámara de Diputados Cup (C. Bernal).
  • RUSO: US Open (C. Gracida).
  • CHINO: Palermo Open (B. Castagnola).
  • COSACO: US Open and Sotogrande Gold Cup (E. Novillo Astrada).
  • ARANDELA: Palermo Open (J. Novillo Astrada).
  • GETE ANESTESIA: Palermo Open (J. Novillo Astrada); recognized by the AACCP as “Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto Polo Argentino” at Cámara de Diputados Cup 2002.
  • TIMBA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (F. Bensadón).
  • PINCELADA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (F. Bensadón).
  • TACAÑA: Palermo Open (M. Novillo Astrada).
  • CAROLINA, MARICA and POLO PÚRPURA: Palermo Open (S. Chavanne, 2004).
  • RATA: Palermo Open 04 (A. Heguy (s)).
  • MALVA: Palermo Open 04 (B. Castagnola).
  • FUNKY and ÓPERA: Palermo Open 04 (M. Aguerre).
  • PARÍS CHAMPAGNE and OPEN LECHUZA VIII: Palermo Open 04 (J. I. Merlos).
  • IRENITA FANTA: Palermo Open 04 (P. Mac Donough).
  • ELLERSTINA TINTA: Palermo Open 04 (G. Pieres (s)).
  • IRENITA FANÁTICA and IRENITA FAVORITA: Palermo Open 04 (M. Mac Donough).
  • GETE ARANDELA: Palermo Open (A. Cambiaso (s) 04 and Pablo Mac Donough 05- 2 chukkers in the final).
  • MASERATI: 2005Palermo Open (A. Agote).

His father, SEQUITO, was bred by H. Barrantes. He was one of the best polo stallions of the last years. Sire of a large number of horses that play in Opens for La Espadaña and other teams, such as LEVICU (several times Best Playing Pony in the USA). Some of them are: LAMBADA, TINTO, PELUSA PICANTE, CAIPIRINHA, POLCA, AMPOLLA, ESCOPETA, CARABINA, CHICHACA, NOVICIA, FUYÍ, RUSA NEGRA, PISTOLA, CHICO, UZI, PATADA, BAMBINO, CINDY, PRIMERA, POLILLA and BRUJO. They all play high handicap.

His mother, RUBIA, was bred by Dowling. She was a very good player. Her granddam, MALA ESPINA, was an outstanding player, as well.


She comes from Juan Carlos Harriot’s breeding. She was chosen Best Playing Pony at the 1995 Hurlingham Open. She was ridden by Adolfo Cambiaso, Gonzalo Pieres and Gonzalo Pieres (s) in England in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Dam of:

  • SIMPATÍA: she was ridden in the 2005 and 2006 Opens by Facundo Pieres.
  • FELICIDAD: she was ridden in all the 2006 Opens (Jockey, Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo), when she was five years old, by Facundo Pieres and Matías Mac Donough.
  • RISUEÑO: previously owned by Ellerstina. Bought by Mariano Aguerre. Ridden in the 2006 Jockey Club Open by Gonzalo Pieres, and in the Tortugas and Hurlingham Opens by Mariano Aguerre. Recently exported to the USA, where he plays in two chukkers with Mariano Aguerre.
  • CHISTOSO: he played in the Jockey Club Open for Ellerstina and in the 2006 Gold Cup with Facundo Pieres.
  • FANY: exported to France. Best Playing Pony at Deauville 2004.
  • FIESTA: sold at Ellerstina’s auction in 2005. Now ridden by Mariano Aguerre.

Maternal Line OPEN GEISHA


She was ridden in the ’04, ’05, ’06, and ’07 Opens by Gonzalo Pieres and M. M. Donough -2 chukkers in the ’05 and ’07 Palermo finals. She got injured, so she was retired to stud to become a donor.

Dam of:

  • OPEN GUILLERMO: sold to Alegría. He made his debut in Tortugas ’12 with F. Mannix. He was ridden in the 2013 Triple Crown and, in the 2014 Triple Crown, by Alfredo Capella Barabucci.
  • OPEN GUILLERMINA: Nicolás Pieres’ best pony in the Palermo ’11 and ’12 finals. "Mejor Producto Polo Argentino de la Final" at Palermo ’12. Nominated to the Best Playing Pony award at Palermo ’12. She was ridden in the 2013 and 2014 Triple Crown by N. Pieres.
  • FINA SONY: she was ridden in the Tortugas ’12 final by Nicolás Pieres. She was ridden in the 2013 Triple Crown by N. Pieres.
  • OPEN NIPONA: sold to Valiente. She made her debut in the 2012 Triple Crown with I. N. Astrada.
  • OPEN SAMURAI: sold to R. Andrade. Triple Crown USA ’13.
  • OPEN HIROSHIMA and OPEN GIMNASTA: they are playing their first practice matches.


She is considered one of the best polo mares in history, not only as player, but also as dam and granddam. Ellerstina breeding’s Founding Family. Bred by Héctor Barrantes and ridden by G. Pieres in the Palermo Argentine Open Championship for teams La Espadaña and Ellerstina. She won two Lady Susan  Townley awards (1987 and 1990), and the Argentine Polo Breeders Association award to the Best Pony at the Palermo Open in 1987 and 1990 and at the 1988 Hurlingham Club Open.  She played 4 seasons in England, from ’91 to ’94, and 1 in the USA, in 1994.

Dam of:

  • OPEN LUNA NUEVA: ridden in the Triple Crown ’08 and ’10 by G. Pieres. Only daughter of La Luna and R. Corner. Full sister of Open Sunset. Her first daughter, Open Nueva Jersey, made her debut in the 2013 Tortugas Open with G. Pieres. OPEN ESPACIAL: combination of the two best animals in the history of polo, Luna and Sportivo. Member of Ellerstina’s team of stallions. In his first year at Ellerstina (2003), 4 females and 4 males were born. His first numerous foal crops were born in 2004. 20 of his daughters have already made their debut in the Argentine Triple Crown.
  • OPEN SUNSET: stallion sold at 2005 Ellerstina’s auction to Carlos de Narváez at record price.
  • OPEN CALIFA: Best Horse at US Open 2005; USA Horse of the Year 2005. First cloned horse.
  • OPEN CHITA: 9 Palermo Opens. Best Playing Pony at the 2005 Hurlingham Open. 2011 Triple Crown.  Dam of: Cohiba Felina, 2012 Tortugas Open final. Ridden in the 2014 Triple Crown by N. Pieres.
  • GETE SORDA: Palermo Open (S. Chavanne).
  • GETE MEDIA LUNA (PUCARÁ): sold at auction in 1999 to G. Zabala. Palermo Open (P. Mac Donough).
  • GETE LUNA LLENA (PUCARÁ): Palermo Open (S. Chavanne / M. Novillo Astrada).
  • GETE MOON (PUCARÁ VIRTUAL): sold at auction in 2003. Sold to Novillo Astrada brothers and G. Fornieles. High handicap (M. Novillo Astrada).
  • GRAPPA ASTEROIDE (PLIN- PLIN PLIN): stallion sold at Ellerstina’s auction in ‘06. He stands in service at Embryo Transfer Center La Irenita. His first progeny were born in ’07.
  • OPEN MOON (OPTIMUM): ridden in Opens by G. Pieres (s) in ‘04. Deceased.
  • GETE LAIKA (GUINDADO): Palermo Open (S. Chavanne).
  • OPEN JASY (ILUSIONADO): Argentine Open Championship finals in ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09 and ’10, most of the times in 2 chukkers, ridden by Mariano Aguerre and Lucas Monteverde.

Maternal granddam of:

  • RICHARD TRAMPA: 2014 Triple Crown with Juan Martín Nero.
  • GETE LUNA CRECIENTE: 2014 Tortugas Open with Guillermo Caset.
  • FINA TANGERINE: 2014 Triple Crown with G. Pieres.
  • OPEN BAILARINA: 2012 Triple Crown. UK 2013.
  • NUEVA JERSEY: 2013 Triple Crown.

Great-granddam of:

  • OPEN CHEQUERA: one of F. Pieres’ best ponies at the moment.