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Clasiffy (TB)
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Clasiffy (TB)

Male, Bay,
RP 0 l SBA 17161

  • Paternal LineATLANTIC
      • MONTY
      • SOLD
    • NOUMEA
      • SUVA
  • Maternal LineCLARET
    • MONTY
      • RANNOCK
      • GAMMA
    • PINKY


New stallion that combines the best of Australian genetics. He comes from Ellerston breeding.

Paternal Line ATLANTIC


Imported stallion. A combination of the best of Ellerston’s polo lines. His first progeny are 4 years old.


Sire of: 

  • S. HERMITAGE, ELEGANCE, IMPRESS, TAIARI, HIBERNATE, DREAM, TASMAN, LISA, LIZARD, etc. Full brother to Sale, who won the 2009 British Gold Cup with Facundo and Gonzalo Pieres.

His father, MONTY, is a stunning Australian stallion. Sire of an innumerable number of mares that play for Ellerston. Among his progeny, the following stand out: MusicClaretCasaActressArmadaBurgundyChampagneDiscoJamaicaPunch, and Sale.


Specially imported to play in the 2005 Triple Crown for Ellerstina; she played 2 chukkers in the final. She came back to the UK, where she won the 2009 Gold Cup with F. Pieres. She is a member of Ellerstina’s team in the UK. Full sister of América, México and Canadá, and half sister of Tahiti, Java, Samoa, Antigua, Jakarta, Fiji, Malta, Jamaica, Bali, Hawai, etc, all of whom play high handicap.

Dam of:

  • MONTREAL, Ellerston’s stallion.

Her father, NORMAN PENTAQUAD, is one of the best Australian stallions ever, and is Riverman’s son. Sire of: FORRET, MARTINI, CLASSIC PENNY, LIZZIE, DIZZIE, NORMA, NOUMEA, MAYFLOWER, and ELITE, all of whom play high handicap.

Her mother, SUVA, is one of Ellerston’s main genetic lines. 

Maternal Line CLARET


Outstanding Australian pony. She was ridden in the 2005 Triple Crown by G. Pieres. She travelled to the UK, where she was ridden in 3 English Seasons by Facundo Pieres. She played in the 2009 Gold Cup (2 chukkers in each match) and won it. Best Playing Pony at 2009 Triple Crown with F. Pieres. She played and won the 2010 Triple Crown. 2011 Triple Crown with F. Pieres. 

She is Champagne and Burgundy’s full sister. On her father’s side, she is sister of Casa (BORRASCOSA), Music (TANGO), Actress (DOLLY), Armada (BRITANIA), Disco (RHUMBA), Jamaica (SUVA), Punch (PURDY), and Sale (by SOLD). These mares played and won the 2009 British Gold Cup .

Her first progeny were born in ’06.


  • FINO MERLOT (SOBRETODO): new stallion, in service at Los Pingos del Taita.
  • OPEN CABERNET (SPORTIVO): stunning combination of Australian and Argentine blood. Stallion reserved by Ellerstina for its great genetics. His first offspring were born in 2009. They started to be trained in 2012, showing great condition.
  • OPEN CATENA (SPORTIVO): she made her debut at the 2013 Tortugas Open with G. Pieres. She was nominated to the Best Playing Pony award at Ellerstina vs Alegría match. She was ridden in the 2014 Triple Crown by Gonzalo and Nicolás Pieres.
  • OPEN SYRAH (SPORTIVO): under training, showing great condition.
  • OPEN CHARDONNAY (SPORTIVO): stallion reserved by Ellerstina.


Stunning Australian stallion. Sire of an innumerable number of mares that play for Ellerston.

Among his progeny, the following stand out: MusicCasaActressArmadaBurgundyChampagneDiscoJamaicaPunch and Sale.


One of Ellerston’s best ponies in Australia. Winner of several blankets in Australia. Extraordinary dam.

Among her progeny, the following stand out: Dinghy, Burgundy, Champagne and Shiraz, all of whom play high handicap in Argentina, England and Australia.

Stallions produced by CLARET at Los Pingos del Taita

Padrillo: Fino Merlot (ET)
Fino Merlot (ET)