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Ellerstina Portuaria Clon (ET)

Ellerstina Portuaria Clon (ET)

Female, Chestnut,
Born 01/06/1996

  • EL SOL
      • GANELON
      • PAGODA
      • APRICOT
      • CARREVI
      • LANDING
    • CUMBIA
      • TOP SECRET
      • RANCHERA

Paternal Line EL SOL


Together with Sportivo, they are the only stallions to have won the Lady Susan Townley and the AACCP awards both with a male and a female. Winner of the AACCP leading sires list in ’98, ’99 and ’00. In season ’07, he won 3 of the 5 most important awards on the world’s polo calendar. Best Playing Pony of Palermo: Ellerstina Suegra (98 x La Novia). Best Playing Pony of Hurlingham: Ellerstina Timba (97 x Lambada). Best Playing Pony US Open: Dolfina Noruega (01 x Norma). Full brother to La Luna, one of the best polo ponies ever.

Sire of:

  • FINA SIRENITA, FINA FONTINALI and JM ALTERNATIVA: 2014 Triple Crown with J. M. Nero.
  • GETE CIMITARRA: ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by M. Aguerre.
  • MIAHUNGARITA: ridden played in the 2014 Tortugas Open by L. James.
  • ESCRIBA DESPISTADA: ridden in the 2013 Hurlingham Open and in the 2014 Tortugas Open by Alejandro Novillo Astrada.
  • CHAPALEOFU CALANDRIA, CHAPALEOFU CANILLA, VASCO DEMONIO and VASCA GINEBRA: they played in the 2013 Triple Crown with Francisco Elizalde.
  • ELLERSTINA TIMBA: from one of the best polo families."Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto" at 2007 Hurlingham Open. One of Facundo Pieres’ best ponies in seasons ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09 and 10. Played 2 chukkers in the Palermo Open ’05, ’07, ’08 and ’09 finals. Exported to the UK, where she played and won the Queen’s Cup and Gold Cup ’13 with F. Pieres and R. Andrade.
  • ELLERSTINA SUEGRA: Opens from ’04 to ’09 with P. Mac Donough. Lady Susan Townley Award in ’07 to the Best Playing Pony of Palermo.
  • DOLFINA LAPA: Opens with A. Cambiaso (s) from ’05 to ’13. 2014 Triple Crown.
  • DOLFINA NORUEGA: Best Playing Pony US Open ’08.
  • ELLERSTINA GAMBETA:’05, ’06 and ’07 Opens with G. Pieres (s). 2008 Palermo Open final with J. M. Nero. Exported to the USA, where she played and won the US Open ’09.
  • POLO MEDIA LUNA: "Mejor Producto" at 2002 Hurlingham and Palermo Opens, 2001 Hurlingham Open, and "Mejor Ejemplar por Tipo y Aptitud" at 2000 Tortugas Open. Opens with Alberto P. Heguy.
  • ELLERSTINA PENÉLOPE: ’02 Open with G. Pieres (s) and one of P. Mac Donough’s best ponies in all Opens. 2 chukkers in ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06 and ’07.
  • OPEN MACHUCÓN: ’03, ’04, ’05, ’06, ’07 and ’08 Opens with M. Mac Donough. One of his best horses.
  • GRAPPA ILUSIONISTA: Triple Crown ’08 and ’09 with F. Pieres. In her first season, she played in the 2008 Palermo Open final.
  • ELLERSTINA NORMITA: 2008 Triple Crown with G. Pieres (s). 2009 Triple Crown with F. Pieres.
  • GRAPPA CLEOPATRA: 2008 Triple Crown with G. Pieres (s). Exported to the USA, where she played and won the US Open ’09.
  • GRAPPA NILO: 2008 Triple Crown with F. Pieres and 2009 Triple Crown with J. M. Nero.
  • ELLERSTINA ELEGIDA: Pablo Mac Donough’s best pony at Triple Crown Sotogrande ’08.
  • FINO VODKA: 2008 Tortugas Open with Juan Martín Nero.
  • ELLERSTINA DESEO: Best Playing Pony at Mercedes Benz Challenge Cup. USA ’07 with F. Pieres. Deceased.
  • ELLERSTINA MARINA: Exported to the USA. Best Playing Pony at Hampton Challenge Cup 2006 with F. Pieres; US Open ’09.
  • ELLERSTINA NAFTALINA (POLILLA): Exported to the USA. She played and won the US Open ’09 with Gonzalo Pieres (s).
  • OPEN LECHUZA V: Exported to the UK. Dam of: Ellerstina Medalla (98 x OPTIMUM), Triple Crown with F. and N. Pieres, and Ellerstina Picaflor (OPTIMUM) Triple Crown with P. M. Donough. Open Medallón, Open de Oro and Open Pugliese’s granddam; they all play in the Triple Crown.LECHUZA VI: Exported to the USA by Tim Ganón. Ridden by F. Bensadón in Carroll Island.
  • OPEN LECHUZA XI: Copa de Oro Ellerstina 2006. Retired to stud as a donor.
  • OPEN SOÑADA: Exported to the UK. Queen’s Cup ’13 and Gold Cup ’13 with Nicolás Pieres.
  • OPEN CUENTO: Triple Crown USA ’11 with R. Andrade.
  • OPEN POESÍA: Junior Open with F. Pieres. Triple Crown with P. M. Donough.

Maternal Line LAMBADA


Ridden in all Opens. "Mejor Ejemplar por Tipo y Aptitud" AACCP 1999 prize and "Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto" at the 113° Argentine Open Championship in 2006. From one of the best polo families.

She was ridden in Opens by Carlos Gracida, Gonzalo Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres (s), Adolfo Cambiaso, Mariano Aguerre and Fabio Diniz.

Dam of

  • ELLERSTINA PORTUARIA (El Sol): donor at Los Pingos del Taita.
  • ELLERSTINA TIMBA: from 2003 to 2009, ridden in Opens by Facundo Pieres. Currently playing her eighth season.
  • OPEN TALISMÁN (Sobornado): ridden in Opens in 2003 and 2004 by Gonzalo Pieres (s).
  • DOLFINA RITMO: Adolfo Cambiaso’s stallion.
  • LOS MACHITOS LÍBANO: sold to Mariano Aguerre for record price in 2007 auction. At present, he stands in service at La Irenita center.
  • MALAMBO: Triple Crown with B. Castagnola.
  • M. LIBERIA and M. LANTANA:  new ponies.
  • M. LADY: new mare- a great project.
  • M. LÍDER: new stallion, sold as sire in a 2012 auction for record price.

Maternal granddam of:

  • OPEN COPETINA: ridden in the 2014 Tortugas Open by Facundo Sola.

Daughter of SEQUITO

He was bred by Héctor Barrantes. He is considered one of the best polo stallions of the last years. His most renowned offspring are: Novicia, Pucará, Levicu and Simpática, among others.


Founding Dam. Dam of

  • Machitos Jazz (Pucará): all Opens with Mariano Aguerre. "Mejor Jugador Inscripto Polo Argentino" prize at the 2007 Palermo Open.
  • Machitos Ópera (Pucará): played 2 chukkers in all the Palermo Argentine Open Championship finals where Mariano Aguerre was chosen MVP (2004, 2005 and 2007).
  • Machitos Funky (Pucará): all Opens with Mariano Aguerre.
  • Machitos Batucada (Ellerstina Pícaro): ridden in the 2009 Triple Crown by Mariano Aguerre.
  • Rastafa:"Mejor Caballo por Tipo y Aptitud" prize at the 2000 Jockey Club Open. Exported to the USA where she played in all the high handicap tournaments.

Stallions produced by LAMBADA at Los Pingos del Taita

Padrillo: Machitos Limbo
Machitos Limbo
Padrillo: Open Ballet (ET)
Open Ballet (ET)