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Don Cartero (TB)

Don Cartero (TB)

Male, Dark Chestnut,
Born 07/22/2007
RP 0 | SBA 15618

  • Paternal LineLODE
      • SIN IVOR
  • Maternal LineCAIETA
      • SALT MARSH
      • JET SUN
    • GAETA
      • KEATS

Don Cartero

Stallion bought by Haras La Dolfina. “Campeón Millero" in La Plata. 15 wins in San Isidro, Palermo and La Plata, including  G. P. Int. Joaquín V. González -GI-, Clásico Hipódromo de La Plata -GII-, 9 de Julio -Día de la Independencia- -GIII- (twice), Latinoamérica -GIII-, Macon -L-, Especial Cute Eyes (twice), Especial  Jockey Club Mendoza and Handicap Rico. 2nd in G. P. Int. Joaquín V. González -GI-, Clásico 25 de Mayo de 1810 -GII- (twice) and G. P. Pedro Piñeyrua -URU-1- in Maroñas.

Paternal Line LODE


Sire of 4 champions and 42 group winners, 25 of which are group I winners. His progeny have obtained wins, places and shows in the USA, Argentina, Brazil, Singapore, Germany, South Africa and France.

Sire of HORSES RIDDEN IN opens

  • MECHA (BLESS MY WAY): F. Pieres’ outstanding pony. Seasons ’06, ’07, ’08, ’09, ’10, ’11, ’12 and ’13. She played in 3 chukkers in the 2007 Palermo Open final and 2 chukkers in the 2008 Open. Her first daughter, Mc Laren, made her debut in the 2014 Triple Crown with F. Pieres. She was nominated in the three matches she played in the Tortugas and Hurlingham Opens.
  • CASSIA (CASSIA): Triple Crown with Marcos Heguy.
  • PANCHA (HOWSYAFATHER): ‘08 and ‘09 Triple Crown with Facundo Pieres- 2 chukkers in the finals. Triple Crown ’10, ’11 and ’12 with N. Pieres.

Sire of stallions, such as Sportivo

SPORTIVO: Ellerstina’s No. 1 stallion. Only stallion in history to have won the Lady Susan Townley Award and the AACCP Award both with a female and a male. In 2013, 16 of his daughters made their debut in the Triple Crown. 

Sportivo is sire of stallions, such as: 

  • MACHITOS CHELO (M. JAZZ): he stands in service at Los Pingos del Taita. He combines the traits of 5 consecutive winners to the ¨Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto Polo Argentino Abierto" award. His first progeny headed the sales at Los Machitos and La Dolfina’s auctions. In 2012, his first progeny were selected for training and their future is promising. Sire of: Dolfina Frontier, Grand Champion at the 2014 Palermo Rural Exhibition, 1st Place and Division Winner at the 2014 Palermo Rural Exhibition; Caña La Chicho, 1st Place and Division Winner at the 2013 Río Cuarto Rural Exhibition; Ve Ocho Gondola, Grand Champion at the 2014 Río Cuarto Rural Exhibition, 1st Place and Division Winner at the 2014 Río Cuarto Rural Exhibition; Caña Shansi, 1st Place and Division Winner at the 2014 Palermo Rural Exhibition.OPEN BALLET (LAMBADA): D. Cuartetera’s full brother, FINO LOTUS (F. ILUSIONADA), and ENIGMA PETRUS (CLARET), all of whom stand in service at Los Pingos del Taita.OPEN DREAM (ILUSIÓN): Ellerstina’s new stallion.
  • OPEN CABERNET (CLARET): extraordinary combination of Australian and Argentine blood. Stallion reserved by Ellerstina for its great genetics. His first offspring were born in ‘09. They started to be trained in ’12, showing great condition.
  • OPEN ESPACIAL (LA LUNA): a combination of the two best animals in the history of polo, La Luna and Sportivo.

Stallions sons of LODE at Los Pingos del Taita:

Padrillo: Linoleum

Maternal Line CAIETA


2 wins in Palermo.

Dam of

  • DON CACO: 2 wins in Palermo and San Isidro, 3rd in Clásico Vicente L. Casares -GII-, Chacabuco -GII-, 4th in G. P. Comparación -GI-.
  • DON MANOLO: winner in Palermo, 4th in G. P. Gran Criterium -G-, 5th in G. P. Estrellas Juvenile -GI-.
  • DON CAPITÁN: 3 wins in San Isidro and Palermo, 2nd in Clásico Reconquista -L-, 4th in Clásico Old Man -GIII-.
  • DON LOBIZÓN: 6 wins in San Isidro and La Plata, including Clásico Hipódromo de La Plata -GIII-, Reconquista -L-, Especial Platería. 2nd in G. P. Int. Joaquín V. González -GI-.

Daughter of JUST IN CASE

Mejor Millero. He won 3 races out of his 5 performances, including Polla de Potrillos -G1- and Gran Premio Palermo -G1-. 3 races in the USA, including Seabiscuit Stakes (USA).

Daughter of GAETA

She is sister, on her mother’s side, of: CARPINELLO (Saint Sever), 4 wins in Chile, St. Leger -CHI-1, Clásico Ignacio Urrutia de la Sotta, Clásico Preparación.