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Gete Ginebra (ET)

Gete Ginebra (ET)

Female, Grey,
Born 08/16/2002
RP 119/2 | SBA J 25042

      • INDOVINO
      • FANTASIA
    • GUINDA
      • Cría Dowling
    • PUCARA
      • SEQUITO
      • RUBIA

Gete Ginebra

Grand Champion at the 2005 Rural Exhibition. Sold at auction in 2005 to K. Packer. Palermo Open 2008 (T. Willington).

Paternal Line GETE GALGO


He was trained by Polito Ulloa and was Rerserve Grand Champion at the 2002 Rural Exhibition. His first progeny were trained in 2005.


  • GETE NAVE (MIEL): Reserve 2-year-old Champion Female at the 2005 Rural Exhibition. 2009 Hurlingham Open (M. Aguerre). Palermo Open (S. Chavanne).
  • GETE BRAHMAN (BRAHMA): Palermo Open (S. Chavanne).
  • GETE SILBIDO (SIBERIA): Tortugas Open (S. Chavanne). US Open (J. M. Nero).
  • GETE HEROÍNA (FALOPA): sold to M. Aguerre. 2011 Palermo Open (M. Aguerre).
  • GETE MINISHORT (POLLERITA): sold at auction to C. Bautista in 2009. High handicap season 2012 (C. Laprida (s)).
  • GETE LEONA (JIRAFA): Reserve 2-year-old Champion Female at the 2007 Rural Exhibition. Sold at auction  to A. Vicuña in 2006.
  • GETE SERENATA (TIJUANA): trained by Polito Ulloa. Reserve 2-year-old Champion Female at the 2006 Rural Exhibition. sold at auction to C. Bautista in 2009.
  • MACHITOS LUISITA (GETE SIBERIA): ridden in all the Argentine Triple Crown Opens by Mariano Aguerre for team Ellerstina in 2012. She made her debut in Tortugas and played in all the  Triple Crown matches -she played in the Argentine Open semifinals as a regular first team player and, in the final, she played in 2 chukkers. She was ridden in the 2013 Triple Crown by Mariano Aguerre.
  • GETE ARAUCARIA (GETE ARANDELA): sold at auction to C. Bautista in 2007.
  • GETE ALEGRÍA (GETE ARANDELA): sold at auction  to D. Miguens and Alex Garrahan in 2008. She was ridden in the Triple Crown 2013 and 2014 by M. Aguerre.


  • GETE ARABESCO: Cría Tanoira’s stallion. He is  Gete Arandela’s first son.
  • GETE ARGOS (ARANDELA): stallion. Sold at auction to C. Laprida (s). High handicap season 2012 (C. Laprida (s)).
  • GETE ARAMEO (ARANDELA): stallion. Sold at auction to C. Bautista in 2009. High handicap season 2012 (L. James).


Stallion sold to M. Aguerre y A. Cambiaso.

DURAZNO is sire of several high handicap players such as: 

  • MACHITOS LÍBANO (LAMBADA): Cría Tanoira’s stallion.
  • DOLFINA MARGARINA (MANTECA): Reserve Grand Champion at the 2006 Rural Exhibition. AACCP prize to the Best Playing Pony at the Jockey Club Open (A. Cambiaso).
  • DOLFINA MINERA (DOLFINA MILENARIA): Grand Champion at the 2010 Rural Exhibition.
  • DOLFINA BRASILERA (GAROTA): Reserve Grand Champion at the 2008 Rural Exhibition.
  • CHALO IRUPE (CLER): Tortugas, Hurlingham and  Palermo Opens (B. Castagnola)
  • MACHITOS ALCAPARRA (ACEITUNA): Palermo Open (M. Aguerre / L. Monteverde / A. Cambiaso).
  • DOLFINA LA MENTIRA (ALICIA LUZ): Grand Champion at the 2011 Rural Exhibition.
  • MACHITOS BRUNILDA (JUANDA MILAGROS): Best Playing Pony Fall Cup 2012.
  • GETE CIRUELA (PUCARÁ): Cámara de Diputados (J. Tanoira). She got injured when she was 5 years old.
  • MELÓN (PUCARÁ): Palermo Open (F. Bensadón).
  • FRAMBUESA (GREMIO): Palermo Open (J. Tanoira), dam of: - GETE FRANELA (MENGUANTE): Palermo Open (S. Chavanne). - GETE FRAGATA (MENGUANTE): sold at auction to A. Diaz Alberdi in 2003. Cámara de Diputados (A. Díaz  Alberdi). - GETE FRAGOR (MENGUANTE): Cría Tanoira’s stallion. Palermo Open 2009 (F. Bensadón). - MANGO (GREMIO): Palermo Open (J. Hall). - GETE KIWI (GREMIO): Palermo Open (J. Hall).


His father, INDOVINO, was a Thoroughbred stallion sire of

  • NOVIA: Indovino’s most outstanding daughter. She has ridden in all the Opens for team La Espadaña (C. Gracida).She produced: Chapa La Prima, ridden Opens (B. Castagnola); E. Suegra, who played in all the Opens from 2004 to 2011. She claimed the Lady Susan Townley award in 2007.She played in 2 chukkers in six finals and she won the 2010 Triple Crown, where she was played by P. Mac Donough; D. Melosa, Tortugas Open 2011 (A. Cambiaso).
  • LECHUZA III: ridden in the Argentine Open by Gonzalo Pieres. Then, she was sold to Sebastián Merlos.
  • LA FELI: she was ridden in the Triple Crown by M. Mac Donough. She produced:I. Felipe, excellent horse that was ridden in his seventh High Handicap season in the USA and UK by P. Mac Donough.
  • ARDILLA: Tortugas Open (I. Heguy).

His mother, FANTASÍA, played in the Palermo Open (M. Mac Donough). Best Playing Pony at the 1999 Hurlingham Open.


She comes from Dowling’s breeding. For 11 seasons, she was ridden in all the Tortugas, Hurlingham and Palermo Opens by Gonzalo Tanoira, even in 2 chukkers. Then, she became an outstanding dam at Cría Tanoira.

Dam of:

  • GUINDADO (Pucará), Cría Tanoira’s valued stallion. His first progeny were trained in 2001. He sired the following horses: Gete Lupa, Gete Laika, Gete Estrella, Gete Pinturita, Gete Laguna, Gete Lagartija and Gete Cartagena, among others.
  • DURAZNO (Pucará), stallion co-owned by La Dolfina and Los Machitos. In 2006, his first offspring made their debut in the Argentine Triple Crown. Today there are more than 30 progeny sired by Durazno competing in the Argentine Opens and more than 60 playing high handicap in Argentina and the USA. He has maintained the 2# ranking in the AACCP (Argentine Polo Polo Breeders Association) leading sires list since 2011. He stands in service at Los Pingos del Taita. Progeny by Durazno that play in the Argentine Triple Crown: MACHITOS PECA, M. VIPARITA, M. CINDY, M. MARADONA, M. ALCAPARRA, CHALO IRUPE, CHALO EXPLOSIVA, DINORA, DOLFINA MARGARINA, M. SERENA, M. BUGSY, MACHITOS BONO, M. BAGUITO, M. MINDY, M. SCARLET, M. YASMIN, M. GANJA, M. OLIVIA, D. CIENA, DOLFINA RAMITA, M. SANTA ROSA, M. VODKA and M. COQUENA.

Stallions sons of GETE GALGO at Los Pingos del Taita:

Padrillo: Gete Argos (ET)
Gete Argos (ET)
Padrillo: Gete Atrevido ET
Gete Atrevido ET

Maternal Line GETE VODKA


She suffered an injury while being trained.

Full sister to

  • RAISA: Palermo Open (J. Tanoira).
  • RUSITA: Palermo Open (G. Pieres, A. Cambiaso, G. Pieres (s)).
  • BOLCHE: Cría Tanoira’s stallion.
  • GETE BALALAIKA: Palermo Open (F. Bensadón).
  • GETE CHINO: US Open (F. Bensadón). Brought from the USA to play in the Palermo Open (B. Castagnola).
  • GETE COMUNAL: Gold Cup and Queen’s Cup in the UK (G. Milford Haven).
  • GETE COSACO: Sotogrande, US Open (I. Novillo Astrada).
  • SIBERIA: Palermo Open (C. Gracida) dam of:
  • GETE SALADA (SOL): Palermo Open (R. Sola).
  • GETE SOBERBIA (CRECIENTE): Gold Cup in the UK (F. Pieres). Best Playing Pony Perfect Match (80 goals), Bagatelle 2009.
  • GETE SILBIDO (GALGO): High Handicap 2009 (S. Chavanne).
  • GETE SIBARITA (GALGO): Cría Tanoira’s stallion.

Part sister to

  • GETE ANASTASIA (ILUSIONADO): Palermo Open (C. Gracida).
  • COSACA (MIGUENS): Gold Cup in the UK (B. Heguy).
  • GETE KATIA (ILUSIONADO): Cámara de Diputados (A. Agote).

Daughter of PUCARÁ

Sire of excellent horses that play for Cría Tanoira. He has the highest percentage of progeny playing in the Argentine Open Championship, and more than 70 sons and grandsons playing in the Palermo Open Championship.

Sire of

  • PASTORA: plays all the most esteemed Opens.
  • YAPA: plays in all the most esteemed Opens (G. Pieres and M. Aguerre).
  • LLANURA: all Opens (M. Aguerre, A. Cambiaso and G. Pieres).
  • OPEN XELENE: ridden in Opens by G. Pieres (s).
  • M. JAZZ: ridden in Opens (M. Aguerre).
  • SIBERIA: Palermo Open (C. Gracida).
  • RUSITA: Palermo Open (G. Pieres).
  • TACUARA: Palermo Open (R. Sola).
  • PAISANA: Cámara de Diputados Cup and Indios Tortugas Open Championship (M. Aguerre).
  • GUADAÑA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (C. Laprida - exported to the USA).
  • FALOPA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (J. Tanoira).
  • CARMELA: British Gold Cup.
  • GUERRILLERA: ridden by I. Heguy (Tortugas Open).
  • PEBETA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (exported to the USA).
  • POLÍTICA: exported to Brunei.
  • GAUCHA: sold to I. Heguy.
  • RAISA: Palermo Open (J. Tanoira).
  • CARDO: Indios Tortugas Open (F. Bensadón).
  • PRIMAVERA (ARAÑA): Palermo Open (B. Castagnola).
  • MAMADERA: S. Merlos (imported from the USA in 2004).
  • FLAUTA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (J. Hall).
  • TIGRA: Palermo Open (J. Tanoira).
  • MEDALLA: US Open (M. Aguerre).
  • MARCELO: US Open (F. Bensadón).
  • MELÓN: Cámara de Diputados Cup (G. Von Wernich).
  • TINTO: Palermo Open (M. Garrahan).
  • RABANITO: Cámara de Diputados Cup (C. Bernal).
  • RUSO: US Open (C. Gracida).
  • CHINO: Palermo Open (B. Castagnola).
  • COSACO: US Open and Sotogrande Gold Cup (E. Novillo Astrada).
  • ARANDELA: Palermo Open (J. Novillo Astrada).
  • GETE ANESTESIA: Palermo Open (J. Novillo Astrada); recognized by the AACCP as “Mejor Producto Jugador Inscripto Polo Argentino” at Cámara de Diputados Cup 2002.
  • TIMBA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (F. Bensadón).
  • PINCELADA: Cámara de Diputados Cup (F. Bensadón).
  • TACAÑA: Palermo Open (M. Novillo Astrada).
  • CAROLINA, MARICA and POLO PÚRPURA: Palermo Open (S. Chavanne, 2004).
  • RATA: Palermo Open 04 (A. Heguy (s)).
  • MALVA: Palermo Open 04 (B. Castagnola).
  • FUNKY and ÓPERA: Palermo Open 04 (M. Aguerre).
  • PARÍS CHAMPAGNE and OPEN LECHUZA VIII: Palermo Open 04 (J. I. Merlos).
  • IRENITA FANTA: Palermo Open 04 (P. Mac Donough).
  • ELLERSTINA TINTA: Palermo Open 04 (G. Pieres (s)).
  • IRENITA FANÁTICA and IRENITA FAVORITA: Palermo Open 04 (M. Mac Donough).
  • GETE ARANDELA: Palermo Open (A. Cambiaso (s) 04 and Pablo Mac Donough 05- 2 chukkers in the final).
  • MASERATI: 2005Palermo Open (A. Agote).


SEQUITO, was bred by H. Barrantes. He was one of the best polo stallions of the last years. Sire of a large number of horses that play in Opens for La Espadaña and other teams, such as LEVICU (several times Best Playing Pony in the USA). Some of them are: LAMBADA, TINTO, PELUSA PICANTE, CAIPIRINHA, POLCA, AMPOLLA, ESCOPETA, CARABINA, CHICHACA, NOVICIA, FUYÍ, RUSA NEGRA, PISTOLA, CHICO, UZI, PATADA, BAMBINO, CINDY, PRIMERA, POLILLA and BRUJO. They all play high handicap.

Son of RUBIA

RUBIA, was bred by Dowling. She was a very good player. Her granddam, MALA ESPINA, was an outstanding player, as well.

Daughter of COMUNISTA

One of the best mares in Gonzalo Tanoira’s breeding.

Dam of:

  • SIBERIA: she won the Triple Crown with C. Gracida and she is one of Cría Tanoira’s best donors. Dam of: Gete Soberbia British Gold Cup, Best Playing Pony at the Perfect Match (80 goals) Bagatelle 2009 (F. Pieres); Gete Salada AACCP Best Playing Pony award at Copa General Belgrano 2005 (J. Tanoira). Palermo Open (R. Sola and P. Bensadon).
  • RAISA: Palermo Open with J. Tanoira.
  • VODKA: Cría Tanoira’s donor. Sire of: Ginebra (GALGO), Grand Champion at the 2005 Palermo Rural Exhibition. First Place and Division Winner at the 2005 Palermo Rural Exhibition. Palermo Open (T. Willington).
  • BOLCHE: Cría Tanoira’s stallion.
  • BALALAIKA: Palermo Open with J. Tanoira.
  • CHINO: Triple Crown with B. Castagnola, even the final in Palermo.
  • GETE ANASTASIA: Palermo Open with C. Gracida.
  • COSACA: British Gold Cup with B. Heguy.
  • COSACO: Triple Crown with I. Novillo Astrada.